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Smith/Mark Wedding

Another recent wedding.  Cute couple, great family, and a lot of fun.

Engagement Photos

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Bridal Photos

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Wedding Photos

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Hampton/Jenkins Bridal

This was a lot of fun.  I love it when I get the chance to do something a little different.  As you can see I had a gorgeous couple to work with here as well.

Vanessa Bair Bridal in Holland

I just realized that I can finally put Vanessa’s bridal photos from Holland on the blog since the wedding is over and it’s already out on Facebook and YouTube.  What can I say, of course we had a lot of fun.  I love to travel and I took my daughter with me and Vanessa and her sister Allie went also.  The first couple of days we were scouting out the best place to take photos.  Of course we missed the Tulip season which would have really been cool but I loved the little windmill village anyway.  I won’t even try to write the name in here as everybody in Holland laughed whenever I tried to prounounce it so if you’re from Holland you probably know where it is.  If was freezing so Vanessa had a hard time keeping warm.   I of course could have taken photos all day but by the end I think Vanessa was starting to turn blue.  I was glad in a way that her mom wasn’t there to see me torture her daughter in the cold.  Great photos anyway and a lot of fun for everybody. 

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Megan Anderson Bridal

Megans wedding was this past weekend in St. George so I can finally post the bridal photos up to the blog.  I’m afraid I got really carried away for Megan’s photos but she was such a gorgeous bride I couldn’t help it.  I also did Megans senior photos a few years ago and Megan is studying photography so it was really fun to work with her again.  We started off in the morning at Thanksgiving Point and then in the evening we drove out to the Salt Flats.  There was still quite a bit of water on the salt so we had to be careful but it made for some very interesting photos.  Check back soon for Megan’s wedding photos.

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Emmalee Black Bridal

I have also been waiting a long time to be able to put Emmalee’s bridal photos up.  They were taken at the International Peace Gardens in Jordan Park.  I always have fun on bridal sessions and Emmalee was no exception.  I can photograph all day if somebody would let me but how can I stop when they look this great. 


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Jami Craven Bridal

As a courtesy to my customers I don’t usually post bridal photos until after the wedding unless the bride requests that I put them out before.  I get so excited with the wonderful images I get from these beautiful brides but I have to wait to share them until after the wedding day.  Jami’s bridals were at Red Butte Gardens and I thought they were just perfect.  Jami was such a pleasure to work with, (but then I knew she would be) and she is sooo photogenic how could I not take great portraits.  Here are some of my favorites.

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