Senior Portrait Sessions

It’s all about “YOU” at Don Polo Photography.  You’re not a hamburger in a fast food restaurant so you shouldn’t feel that way when you get your Senior Portraits taken.  You’re the “Star” and you should be treated that way.  Take a look at some of our senior sessions and I think you’ll see the difference.  Bring as many clothing changes as you want, bring your musical instruments, sports equipment, your pets, your car, whatever it is that makes you unique.  We want to photograph not just your face but your personality.  It’s all about “You” at Don Polo Photography.  Sessions start at just $75 for studio sessions or $125 if you want to go on location.  Ask about a Senior Album or Collage.  We also print custom graduation announcements. 


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If you play a musical instrument or sport, bring it along, it’s part of who you are and helps us to photograph the “real” you. 


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 Studio sessions don’t have to be totally in the camera room.  We have a garden area around the studio that we can take beautiful landscape portraits with a mountain or park look right in our own back yard.



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Cap and gown sessions can be done the same day as the regular session or they can be done at a later date when you have all your award tassles and sashes in place. 

Additional locations can add variety to a studio session and can be fun by yourself or bring a friend.


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