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Wayman Session

My friend Lewis has been helping me with some of my framing and we started talking about portraits. He wanted some shots of him with his nephew and sister so instead of regular boring headshots I decided to do a full production session. It was a lot of fun, I think we were laughing half the time so I hope there are no blurry ones haha.

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Alexander Headshots

Alexander was in a business class I was taking and came in for some headshots for his web site. He and his sister run a charity organization for the children of Peru. See to see what he does. I visited Peru a few years ago to teach a class and saw firsthand some of the poverty that they are dealing with. I am grateful that there are people like Alexander and his sister out there to help.

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Professional Photographers of Idaho

We had the opportunity last week to speak at the summer quarterly for Professional Photographers of Idaho and we really had a lot of fun.  It was a little bit scary since I have known so many of the photographers there for a long time and some of them I think were professional photographers even before I was born (just kidding Leon and Kim) but certainly I have looked up to them for a long time.  I want to thank Robin Spencer who hosted the event at her wonderful studio in Rigby, I am very jealous of her acres of property.  Abe and Jen were wonderful models to work with on Sunday night.  I can’t believe that Abe is so patient to put up with all of us photographers so well.  I know who to call if I ever need models in Idaho.  Thanks again, you guys were great.  Thanks again to the photographers of PPI for inviting us up, it really was a wonderful experience and I hope to see all of you again soon.  If you’re ever in West Jordan, stop by and say hello.


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Millennial Falls Open House

I was at the Millennial Falls open house a couple of days ago and thought I would put some images here for those who have never been and are curious about Millennial Falls.  The reception center is in Draper, Utah and features a beautiful waterfall in the back up against the mountain.  The scenery here is fabulous year round if your looking for something outdoors.  They also have plenty of space for an indoor event and can even host an indoor ceremony of about a hundred or so.  The food, well you know I had my own daughters wedding there about a year and a half ago and I’m still getting compliments on the food.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.  Oops, now that made me hungry.  For more information on Millennial Falls go to  If you want to see some full weddings at Millennial Falls give us a call and you can see some albums or check our website as we will soon have full weddings at Millennial Falls online.

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Cottonwood Prom

My 15 year old son Brian went to his first prom the other night and of course I had to torture his group for a while in the camera room before I would let them leave.  I think they all had fun even though they had to change their dinner reservations 3 times.

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Lindsay and George Engagement
I shot Lindsay and George’s engagement session a couple of weeks ago but I just signed up for this new video service at convention last week and though I’d try it out.  This is my first attempt at an Animoto Video so I still figuring it out.  I though it would be a cool way to highlight my sessions though so here it is.  Lindsay and George were great to work with even though it was freezing.  I even made George sit on an icy fence post and he didn’t complain at all, maybe that was because he got to hug Lindsay while he was doing it.  Hope you like it.

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I knew this would be hard

I knew this blogging thing would be hard but didn’t realize how hard it would be to keep everything updated.  I signed up for facebook at the same time and I have been really good at keeping that updated but have sadly neglected the blog.  I am really excited though that I finally figured out how to get rid of that horrible blue header.  I still haven’t quite figured out wordpress very well though and only know how to upload photo galleries right now.  I don’t have a choice though now because the Pictage PUG page is also on WordPress and I have to keep that updated myself from now on.  Anyway I may be playing a little bit today so there may be additional posts if I get time to see what I can do here.  I am also getting ready for WPPI so I will be gone all next week.  I am really excited though to be getting a break and meeting up with my photographer friends from around the world.  I promise I’ll be better from now on so if you are keeping track don’t give up on me yet.