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Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah area. Born in Venezuela and raised on a farm. Owned Don Polo Photography for 17 years now. Like to travel and speak to photographers worldwide.

Norly session in studio gardens

Small session of Norly, a friend from Colombia who is leaving to continue culinary studies in South America.  Good luck Norly, we will miss you here.

Link to slideshow.

Anyela Maffey Extreme Makeover Session

I love to photograph women and these extreme makeover sessions are just like Disneyland for me.  I really appreciate everything Anyela has done for me and this was a really great session.  We photographed Anyela and Yohana (stay tuned for Yoahana’s session if a few days) at the same time, spent way too many hours but we were having so much fun that we didn’t notice.  For your own extreme makeover session give me a call at 801-967-9106.

Link to video slideshow of session.

Whatcott Senior Session at Christmas lights on Temple Square

This was a while ago but it was a lot of fun, freezing but fun still.  I just loving working with High School Seniors, every session is unique and interesting.  It’s not too late to get Senior Portraits and with the weather warming up and spring flowers coming in it’s also starting to look really nice in the gardens.  Like Don Polo Photography on facebook and get 20 percent off your Senior Portrait session and package.

See the video slideshow.

See the entire session on Pictage.

Rachel Colby Senior Session

Rachel was wonderful to work with.  Considering how cold it was outside when we took these I think she looks great.  I’ve also known Rachel for quite a few years now and it’s incredible what a beautiful young woman she has become.  She is a great example to many and a good friend.

See video slideshow of her session.

See all of Rachel’s session here.

Wendy and Mac Engagement

It’s that time of year again, getting ready for upcoming weddings.  Wendy and Mac’s engagement was in downtown Salt Lake.  You can see what a cute couple they are.  I can’t wait to see the announcement.  Wendy and Mac, you guys are great.

See video slideshow of engagement session.

See all images from session. (coming soon)

Julie and Josh Engagement Session

I really had a lot of fun with Julie and Josh.  We planned for most of the afternoon so I took way too many and they are never going to be able to choose but I think we all had a great time.  I’ve known Josh since he was born so I am very happy that he and Julie found each other.  I can’t for the bridal and wedding photos.  Thanks guys for being so great.

See video slideshow of the engagement session.

See all images from the session.

Tess Leatham and Sheldon Carlson Wedding

It’s going to take me a while to get caught up on blogging posts but I suppose I have to start somewhere.  Here is the recent wedding of Tess and Sheldon at Millennial Falls.  I was afraid that with the wind and the cold that day we wouldn’t get much outside.  From the pictures though it looks like a beautiful day.  Must be the wonderful photographer :-).  Congratulations Tess and Sheldon and great job Millennial Falls as usual.

Link to YouTube video slideshow.

See all the photos of the wedding day here.

New Photography Workshop Groupon Offer

Updated Post 2/29/2012

Groupon is doing a two day special on Photography Workshops today and tomorrow.  For anyone interested in learning more about the art of photography this is a great opportunity.  See the workshop section of the blog or below for the list of available classes and dates.  Additional classes may be added later if needed.  To purchase the groupon for $39 see the following link Groupon Photography Workshop Special.

If you have already purchased the groupon you can register for the workshop here.

“Photography for Fun or Profit”

(This is the Groupon Basic Workshop)

In this 4 hour basic workshop Adilfa and Russ Ford of Don Polo Photography will teach students what to look for in a digital camera and how to use the camera once you have one.  What are the important camera settings and how to use them to get more creative portraits.  How do the automatic and manual camera modes work and when to use each.  How to take better photos of your own family without spending a ton of money on professional equipment.  Posing and lighting for portraits.  Did you know that how you pose a person can add or take away up to 2o pounds in the portraits?  What is a RAW file and when and why would you use them?  Basic photoshop tips and techniques for improving your images, and how and when do you choose a professional photographer.  This workshop is designed for amatuer photographers and consumers wishing to take better photos as well as beginning professionals wanting to learn how to start their photography business.

Cost is $495 plus expenses for groups up to 5 people.  Price for individual $295*

*(Groupon special just $39 –  scheduled dates in 2012 are Mar. 12, April 10, May 14, and June 25 .  Additional dates will be added as tbhese classes fill up. Class will be taught at Don Polo Photography Studio and Gardens at 3022 W. Mt. Logan Way in West Jordan, Utah. All Class times are 6:00pm to 10:00pm.  Call 801-967-9106 for questions or email  Click here to register.

“Photographic Lighting and Posing Workshop”

If you’ve taken the basic workshop and find that photography is in your blood or you just want to know more about setting up a photographic studio and making people look their best then this workshop if for you.  We’ll start with basic studio setup using one or more lights and talk about proper placement and power settings.  What is the difference between a softbox and an umbrella and why would you use one over the other.  Scrims, snoots, barn doors, parabolics, and more.  We’ll show good and better posing techniques and what to avoid.  Learn the rules so you’ll know when and how to break them to get better award winning photographs.  We do a live posing demo and show the results instantly on screen so you can see the difference a little change can make.  For anyone interested in being a better people photographer this is the chance of a lifetime to learn from the pros.

Cost is $495 plus expenses for groups up to 5 people.  Price for individual $295*

*(Groupon special just $39 –  scheduled dates are Mar. 13 and June 26.  Additional dates will be added as classes fill up. Class will be taught at Don Polo Photography Studio and Gardens at 3022 W. Mt. Logan Way in West Jordan, Utah.  March class times are 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  June class times are 6:00pm to 10:00opm.   Call 801-967-9106 for questions or email  Click here to register.

“Basic Photoshop/Portrait Retouching”

This 4 hour class will give you a better understanding of what it takes to be a photographic retoucher.  We’ll start with basic photoshop settings, preferences, and shortcuts to help maximize your productivity in front of the computer.  We’ll also talk about some of the differences between Photoshop and Elements and what you can and can’t do with both.  We’ll give a brief introduction to the basic toolset used in portrait retouching and talk about the power of layers, layer masks, and blending modes.  Basic facial retouching includes blemishes, wrinkles, fixing hair and makeup, and enhancing the eyes.  Slimming the body just enough to make your subject look better but not fake.  Swap a head, insert a person or take one out.  Changing the color of someones clothing and even changing the background will all be discussed and shown.

Cost is $495 plus expenses for groups up to 5 people.  Price for individual $295*

*(Groupon special just $39 –  scheduled dates are Mar. 14 and May 15.  Additional dates will be added as classes fill up. Classes will be taught at Don Polo Photography Studio and Gardens at 3022 W. Mt. Logan Way in West Jordan, Utah.  All Class times are 6:00pm to 10:00pm.  Call 801-967-9106 for questions or email  Click here to register.

Comments from earlier workshops

Thank you for an excellent workshop and an excellent summary. I couldn’t write fast enough, so this is very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to make it PERFECT!!!! I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to grow in their art. Kathie Keeler

Thank you for the handout – it is very helpful.  I learned so much at your photography class and appreciate your tips and advice. My son needs to get some senior pictures and I am wondering if you could give me some pricing on your photo packages. Thank you! Elise Alles

Thanks Russ and Adilfa, Your class was fantastic, I learned a ton!!  You guys are great teachers!!  I would love it if you taught a follow-up class through the Groupon.   Sincerely, Kari Livingston Highland, UT

Russ & Adilfa,

Thank you so much for the photography workshop on Tuesday night. It really opened my eyes to all the possibilities photography has to offer. I started taking a lot of pictures when my mom gave me a Canon Powershot after my mission in 2006. I took 8,000 pictures on it over the last 4 years before it started acting up and I decided to replace it. I bought a Canon Rebel T1i in January and I have loved it. I am so excited to apply what I learned in the workshop. I wrote a blog post about it and you can find it here:

Again I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I am sure I will be in touch with questions in the near future.



Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time goes by.  I last posted back in November, yea, I know I’ve been bad but I’ve just been so busy these past few months that I guess blogging was the last thing I was thinking of.  November and December, well enough said there but even January.  Russ and I received our Photographic Craftsman awards at the National Convention of the Professional Photographer’s of America (PPA) in San Antonio.  The Photographic Craftsman is awarded to those who specialize in teaching.  After we got back we had about a 4 days before we left for Colombia.  We taught a 2 day class in Medellin and then another 2 day class in Bogota.  They begged us to come back with friends so we’ll be heading back down in May with Robert Lino to teach another seminar.  We got stuck there a few extra days because of the storms and then the day after we got back had a seminar here in Salt Lake with Suzette Allen on Photoshop.  It was great to spend a few days with Suzette and John but now the brain is on overload.  Now it’s back to work until WPPI on the in a week and a half where we are teaching a Spanish platform class on Tuesday.  I’ll get photos from Colombia on here and Facebook hopefully in a couple of days.  We’re also teaching a workshop for photography enthusiasts here in Salt Lake through Groupon that should go out tonight they said.  It’s been a lot of fun teaching and we’ve met a lot of new friends in the process.  There no better feeling than having somebody tell you that you’ve inspired them and changed their life.  Adding a new page to the blog for workshops so if you are an aspiring photographer or just want to learn to take better photos of your kids or what camera to buy check it out and let me know what you think.