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Colette’s Dance School

It’s been my pleasure over the years to work with some really great people.  One of my first customers way back when I was starting in photography was Colette Dalebout and her dance school.  My daughters were in dance at the time and I thought I would have a lot of fun photographing dancers.  I have to admit the first year or two were pretty tough.  I didn’t have a system down and there was a learning curve involved.  About the 3rd or 4th year though everything started going smoother and it seems like every year gets better and better.   Colette’s daughter Amber owns the studio now and we’re still going strong.  I’ve photographed many of the girl’s weddings and senior photos and some of them I’m now photographing their children’s dance photos and family portraits.  How time flies.  We have some great photos to share with you this year and I’m sorry I couldn’t get all your photos in the slideshow but these are some of my favorites.  Thanks everybody for sharing your beautiful children with me and your dance talent with the world.

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 Friday Pictures

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Saturday Pictures

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