Pets are People Too Fundraiser

We love our pets. As some of you may remember five years ago Lego, the big goofy dog on the right came into our lives. These are his adopted sisters Cinnamon and Tally. A few months ago Lego was diagnosed with a tumor in his eye. Eventually if left untreated the tumor could burst leaving him blind or worse. We could remove the eye and the tumor or treat him to a special surgery where they will remove the tumor and hopefully save his eye. Best case he could fully recover. The surgery is somewhat costly but we feel it is worth it if we can save Lego’s eye.

Six Legged Sofa

Luckily my daughter in law Ashtyn works for a vet and loves animals or we may have never noticed the tumor until it was too late. That is why we are having a Pets are People Too Fundraising event. In addition to raising money for Lego’s surgery we will also donate the session fee to ?????. They are a small ?????????.

We are also trying to raise awareness of pet related issues. Your animals in many cases can’t tell you when something is wrong with them. A trained veterinarian can. In addition to regular vaccinations make sure to get your pet’s general health checked on a regular basis. So many pet ailments can be treated and cured before they get serious, possibly saving you money and adding many years to your pets life.

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