Family Special

Prepay now for any portrait session taken September 19-26 and get extra $$$ towards your purchase. 

How it works:

For every $200 you prepay,  receive an extra $100 credit up to a maximum of $1000.  Sessions must be completed by September 26, 2009 and all orders must be finalized by October 20.  Typical family portrait sessions last from 1 hour to and hour and a half and include breakdowns and individual portraits of family members if desired.  Location session fee is $125 but will be applied towards purchase of all orders over $500. 

Planning for your session:

Walk around your home and decide where you would like to hang your new family portrait.  Do you need something to be landscape (wide), portrait (tall), or is square a better fit?  Leave at least a 12 inches on all sides of the portrait for a frame and to leave some empty wall space surrounding the frame.  Let the photographer know before the session of your ideas and special needs. 

How to dress:

What is the personality of your family and what is the look you are going for in your home?  Is your home full of art and antique furniture or are you looking for something more casual?  As a general rule; dark, solid colors are more slimming than lighter colors.  Stripes and plaids make a person look a little bigger also.  Avoid large logos, designs, or slogans, solid colors are usually better.  Denim or Khaki pants usually look great and dark brown or red shirts look great with autumn colors. 







How much should I invest:

Investing in a family portrait is an investment in your families future.  This makes your family portrait a priceless work of art but unfortunately for most of us our budgets make most of our investment decisions for us.  When deciding how much to spend consider an appliance or piece of furniture for your home lasts between five and ten years, compare that to the lifetime of enjoyment you will get from your family portrait.  We usually recommend that you purchase the largest size that space and budget allow.  For most homes that would be a 40 or 50 inch portrait but that totally depends on the look you are going for in your home.  The minimum size we recommend for a standalone wall portrait is 24 inches.  Wall Galleries are another way to fill a large wall space with smaller portraits and get more variety from your session.


For prices see our Portrait Prices


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