Takis Family Oregon/Washington

I love to travel and I love it even more when I get to photograph great people in fun places.  Last week we had the chance to spend a couple of days with the Takis family in the Oregon/Washington area and it was so much fun.  I really have to thank them for their hospitality, we brought my son Brian with us and they included him and made all of us feel right at home.  I definitely need to go back when it is warmer (we froze a little although at least it wasn’t snowing like it was in Utah).  We went to so many gorgeous locations that I have no idea what my favorites are and it was really hard to narrow down enough for this slide show.  We started in the Japanese Gardens in Portland and then stopped at the Portland Temple.  The next day we drove out to Long Beach in Washington and Seaside in Oregon.  I loved the tulip farm in Oregon and I wish I could find someplace like that close to home.  Before we left they even drove us up to Mt. St. Helens and the Colombia River Gorge.  Road trip anyone?  Call me if you have someplace fun you would like to have your families portraits taken.

See the full session on Pictage http://www.pictage.com/event.jsp?event_id=818495


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