Brooke and Jason Wedding

I have known Brooke for many years now and I was so happy for her when I found out about the wedding.  Brooke and Jason are so great together.  It was so cute when I was photographing the family and Jason dropped to his knees and held out the ring.  It was so fun to see the look on Brooke’s face and the kids were so happy.  The wedding was wonderful nd I wish them all the happiness of the world.

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See the full engagement session on Pictage

See the full bridal session on Pictage

See the full wedding on Pictage


One thought on “Brooke and Jason Wedding

  1. Christy (Green) Edgel


    I don’t even know anything about your story; just that I have always looked up to you and thankful that you have always been so friendly. You are absolutely beautiful, and this video brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations to you and thanks for sharing:)



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