Amanda Quince

There’s something a little bit magical about a quinceañera celebration.  Maybe it the dozens of teenagers all dressed up in fancy dresses and tuxedos.  It could also be the 8 to 20 girls and guys in choreographed dance moves working together to create something beautiful.  When Dad kneels at his daughter’s feet and changes her shoes to the fancy high heeled women’s shoe and the look on his face when he looks up and sees his daughter and realizes that she is no longer his little girl.  It makes me cry every time.  Then the young teenage boy comes and takes her away and they start the dance.  I think of my own daughters and sometimes I want to just say no, you put those old shoes on and stay and little girl just a few more years.  Do it for your Mom.  They never do though, they just keep growing and before you know it they are calling me to take engagement and wedding photos.  Amanda, you are so beautiful and you look so grown up in these photos.  If I could say anything to you here it is to keep the magic going.  You have 5 more years to be a teenager and finish high school and start college.  Enjoy those years and remember this day and the love your parents have for you.  Okay friends and family, let’s hear it for Amanda.  Leave your comments here.

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One thought on “Amanda Quince

  1. Carolyn Rico

    I was so nervous about this event. But look how wonderful it was. I have an incredible family and I love them so much.
    Thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came. Just beautiful!!!!


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