Professional Photographers of Idaho

We had the opportunity last week to speak at the summer quarterly for Professional Photographers of Idaho and we really had a lot of fun.  It was a little bit scary since I have known so many of the photographers there for a long time and some of them I think were professional photographers even before I was born (just kidding Leon and Kim) but certainly I have looked up to them for a long time.  I want to thank Robin Spencer who hosted the event at her wonderful studio in Rigby, I am very jealous of her acres of property.  Abe and Jen were wonderful models to work with on Sunday night.  I can’t believe that Abe is so patient to put up with all of us photographers so well.  I know who to call if I ever need models in Idaho.  Thanks again, you guys were great.  Thanks again to the photographers of PPI for inviting us up, it really was a wonderful experience and I hope to see all of you again soon.  If you’re ever in West Jordan, stop by and say hello.



One thought on “Professional Photographers of Idaho

  1. Jen

    Wow! You did such an amazing job Adilfa!! You really brought out our natural selves and it shows. We had a lot of fun working with you! You are such a sweetie and your spunky magnetic personality was a delight! Thanks for everything!!


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