Emmalee Black and Landon DeGarmo Wedding

I was a little bit worried about the weather but everything was perfect for Emmalee and Landon’s wedding.  Ceremony was at Heritage Gardens and the Reception was in the Old Meeting House.  I love the photos on the piano and I thought the police handcuffs at the end was a nice touch.  I’m really glad though that nobody trashed the Corvette.  Good luck Emmalee and Landon and check back here for comments.  Thanks for letting us share your day.


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See the full session on Pictage http://www.pictage.com/event.jsp?event_id=687790


One thought on “Emmalee Black and Landon DeGarmo Wedding

  1. Cristian Labrador

    This wedding seems like it topped the charts, many beautiful pictures and reflects the love they share.
    Congratulations my friends!!


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