Georgina Quince Party

 As promised here are the photos from Georgina’s party.  For those unfamiliar with a Quince party I will explain a little bit.  In most hispanic countries there is a tradition of having a big party at a girl’s 15th birthday.  Very much like the old European custom of inviting friends and family to a ball when a girl turned 16, like in Sleeping Beauty.  There are many different customs associated with the party depending on the country or region.  Most girls will choose a  number of friends, girls and guys as a court of honor.  On the night of the party they perform a waltz and sometimes other choreagraphed dances.  Most of them practice for months before the event and a lot of work goes into it.  These kids did a great job and Georgina was just gorgeous as usual for her party.  Her mom and dad even started things off with a traditional mexican dance in full traditional dress, it was great. 

Para la familia y amistades de Georgina en Mexico la noche fue una maravilla.  Georgina en su vestido fue preciosa y los muchachos del baile hicieron un trabajo excelente.  Es una oportunidad excelente para los muchachos aprender un poquito de otras culturas y poder compartir con sus amigos.  Muchas gracias a la famlia Martinez por esta oportunidad de compartir esta dia tan especial con su familia.


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See the full session on Pictage


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