Mills Family

Wow, more twins.  If I had a hat I would really have to take it off to Mom’s of twins.  These two little guys were so cute but I get to play with them for a while and then send them home.  I bet they can be a handful.  I photographed Patrick and Mickele’s wedding a few years ago so it was great to see them again and get the chance to meet their new little family.  I can’t wait to photograph these guys as they get older.  With twins you usually either get one awake and one asleep or one happy and the other crying or one grabbing the other’s hair and I think we had a little bit of all that during this session but we did get some great shots of the two together also.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.  Make sure to leave your comments and tell Patrick and Mickele how cute their family is.  Thanks.

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See the full session on Pictage


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