Sheina Senior Photos

A couple of weeks ago Russ got to photograph the prom pictures for a group of Seniors from Copper Hills High School.  I was really disappointed that I wasn’t home yet, especially when I saw the photos and Russ told me how great they were to work with.  Well, I made up for it a couple of days ago with Sheina’s Senior session.  She was so much fun and so photogenic that I think the camera did all the work for me.  I was still recovering from a cold and had no voice at all so I was whispering instructions to her and the boys she brought with her to perform some dance moves.  They did everything perfect and then we went outside and did a few in the garden before coming back in the studio for a couple more clothing changes.  I’m hoping that I get to photograph more of her friends, this is a lot of fun.


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See the full session on Pictage


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