Copper Hills Prom

Just did a session for Sheina and friends from Copper Hills Senior Prom.  The prom isn’t until tomorrow but I promised I would get these photos up tonight.  We had a lot of fun and I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a nicer group of young people.  They were very easy to work with and every one of them photogenic and not afaid of the camera.  They are all Seniors so I know that they will be missed next year at Copper Hills.  Have fun at Senior Prom!

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See the full session on Pictage


3 thoughts on “Copper Hills Prom

  1. Sheina

    I Love it with all my heat !!!really you made our senior goodbye the best with the vedio and pictures !!! you guys are the best. really thanks so much !!! God Bless

  2. Esther

    Thank you Russ and Adilfa, The pictures are very nice! may the lord always bless you all. and we hope seeing eachother for a LONG time, as i still have more childrens for Prom, Missions, and Temple Marriages. Hugs and Kisses form the Smith Family, and Beus Family. ………. We Love You Russ and Adilfa .


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