Senior Models Wanted

If you are a High School Senior right now you should have already had your senior portraits taken.  If your a procrastinator or just didn’t like the photos that they took at that other place give me a call 801-967-9106.  We can still have a lot of fun and get your photos done in time to get some graduation announcements printed.

If you are a Junior this year then it’s time to start thinking about your “Senior Portrait Session”.  I believe that the “Senior Portrait Session” should be an “Experience” not just a few minutes in a cap and gown.  My “Senior Sessions” we start in the studio and then take it from there.  Unlimited clothing changes, additional locations, pets, friends, musical instruments, cars, sports, almost anything is possible when you take the time to do it right.  If you will be a Senior next year then check out the Senior section of my blog and read about “Senior Models”.  All schools are open right now but slots will fill up fast so check back here often and I’ll keep you updated.  Text your friends and even come in together, we’ll make it a party.


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