Children’s Portrait Contest

We just got word that the “Annual Children’s Portrait Contest” has now started.  All children’s sessions that we do between now and June 21 will be entered in a national baby and children’s portrait contest and are eligible for a cash prize of up to $2000.  We want to submit as many of these as we can so we are doing something new this year to see how it works out.  Instead of a $125 session fee we are offering a $250 minimum order instead.  Just pay the $250 when you book your session and you get a $250 credit for your portrait order.  In addition to the free session we will also give you an additonal 8×10 for free with your minimum purchase.  That’s a $185 savings.  We are having so much fun blogging that we see now why everybody wants files for their own blogs.  We now include a complimentary blog size copy of every image that we print in your order for you to put on your own blog/facebook/website/e-mail or whatever.  I love this time of year because I usually do tons of babies and children’s portraits.  I usually spend 1 to 2 hours for every session however so I can only do a limited number per week.  Call the studio 801-967-9106 to book your session and get entered into the contest before time runs out.


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