Cottonwood Prom

My 15 year old son Brian went to his first prom the other night and of course I had to torture his group for a while in the camera room before I would let them leave.  I think they all had fun even though they had to change their dinner reservations 3 times.

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5 thoughts on “Cottonwood Prom

  1. Claudia

    These pictures are wonderful. I know Courtney (my granddaughter) is beautiful, but you brought out the very best in James and her.

  2. Mimi Howell

    There was real nice pictures taken of my daughter Kristen and your son. How can we get copies for family. Thank you Mimi

  3. Autumn Washington

    Thank you so much for taking your time and creating a awesome show for all of us to enjoy!!!! Amazing pictures and it was so much fun to watch all the kids enjoy it too…

    (James’ mom)


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