Passing of a friend

As they say in the movies, with great power comes great responsability.  As photographers we have the power to create art through memories.  We help people to remember both the events and emotions of the day.  Most of the time those events are happy, joyful events like weddings, family reunions, anniversay’s, or birthdays.  Sometimes however we are called upon to help remember the passing of friends and loved ones.  Last week was such an event for me with the passing of my friend and neighbor Al Christoffersen.

Al was the UPS driver who was killed in the head-on collision in Tooele.  Al is a member of the LDS ward that I have attended for the last 6 years or so since we moved into the new house.  His daughter is friends with my son.  I have done work for his wife before and when I heard the news it was one of those moments that you wonder if your dreaming because it can’t be real.  I saw Al on Sunday at church.  I think I said hello or waved and I think he said hello back, he was that kind of person.  Always cheerful, never passed without a hello or a wave. 

Another neighbor, also a UPS driver asked if I could bring a camera to the funeral.  He thought there would be a few UPS people there to give their respects to Al and so I did.  In honor of Al Christoffersen and the service he gave to UPS and the good people of Tooele I am posting a few photos of the “few” UPS drivers and employees who showed up to honor him. 


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