Family Portrait Fundraisers

The past couple of weeks I have been retouching and printing and editing and working very hard on the photos for the Jet Blue Fundraiser.  I have a couple of companies that I work with in a fundraising capacity.  I set aside several days throughout the spring and summer and then again a few days in the fall and they create a signup sheet on their own internal websites.  We schedule appointment about every 15 or 20 minutes but we usually fill up the days with portrait sessions from morning until evening.  We offer a substantial discount for wall portraits and frames and we give a percentage of each sale back to Jet Blue for their activities committee.  We have a great relationship with Jet Blue and we’ll be starting next year with several other companies as well.  If you work for a company that you think would be interested in a fundraising or corporate discount program send me an e-mail at and we can discuss ways that we can help each other. 

Now on to the photos.  These were taken starting in September through the end of October so the leaves change a little bit every week.  One of the weeks we even got snowed on but it was still a lot of fun.  Most of these were taken at the Temple Quarry trailhead at the foot of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  If you are a Jet Blue employee and missed out this year then stay tunes for next years dates.

Here are a few of the portraits.


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