Daily Archives: December 2, 2008

11 girls at the lake

We had a wonderful session today for the quinceañeras from the Sueños de Quinces program on Telemundo. This was the second session for the girls as we did the headshots about 3 weeks ago for the invitation. The party is coming up this friday and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

For those who don’t know about quinceañeras it is a custom in some latin countries that when the girls turn 15 years old they have a big party, kind of like the old coming of age ball in the movies like sleeping beauty. They usually have a court of girls and boys who perform a waltz and sometimes a couple of other choreagraphed dances. For Catholics from Mexico it is usually also accompanied by a special mass in the church or cathedral. Every country and every party is a little bit different but it’s always a lot of fun for the girls and something that every latin girl looks forward to her whole life. My friends in Miami tell me that some of them there will even rent entire hotel ballrooms and it can be like a major broadway production costing upwards of thirty or forty thousand dollars. Non-latino Dads count yourselves lucky, you only have to pay for a wedding.

For the session today we had the 11 girls who are participating in the Sueños de Quince program with Mabel Gonzales of Mabel’s Beauty Care. This is the second annual event that Mabel has sponsored along with about 10 to 15 additional “Padrinos” (in this case vendors who have donated their time and resources to the event). The girls were chosen several months ago to participate based on their willingness to work hard and their positive attitudes. For the past months they have been taking classes, learning beauty tips and eitiquette, and both the girls and boys have been learning and practicing the walz and other dances that they will perform on Friday.

We were going to take photos in the studio but it was such a nice day outside that we decided to be a little bit crazy and go to the Great Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun and we got some great shots. I will post some of them here but you can see the whole session at http://www.pictage.com/event.jsp?event_id=592719.

Check back next week for an update on the big day.