Learning to talk.

Everybody keeps telling me I need to blog, I have to blog, I absolutely should blog, so here I am attempting to blog.  I know nothing about blogging other than that everybody says I must, I know nothing about facebook other than all my friends are there and they keep telling me I must facebook as well, I know nothing about twitters and googles and yahooes and whatever else other than my kids used to say all those words when they were first learning to talk.  So I guess this is me learning to talk.  It all sounds pretty unintelligible to me but I’m here and I expect lot’s of help from my friends.  I will be uploading lot’s of images because that’s what I do, I tell stories through art, the art of photography.  I will probably be spelling a lot of things wrong because spelling is not what I do. 

Anybody who knows me would say that I am a very social person.  They tell me I need to blog and facebook and twitter because it’s social networking.  I would be good at it they say.  Well I hope their right but I also hope that it doesn’t change who I am.  I love talking to people face to face.  I welcome everyone as my friend and I try to make them feel comfortable.  I love to talk on the phone, … a lot.  If you are my friend and you all are my friends so there are no exceptions I will try the social networking online thing but I hope that if you really want to talk, give me a call, stop by for a visit, say hello if you see me at the convention or the camera store, at church or the mall.  Feel free to post comments to my blog as soon as I figure out how to make that work.  Check back often as I hope to put more “useful” stuff on here soon.  Thanks and happy blogging.

Adilfa Ford


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